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There is an old song that goes “well the times, they are a changing my friend” well this can certainly be said of lending in general and getting a mortgage specifically. Getting "approved" these days is more like running a marathon, painful! It doesn’t matter if you need a loan for a new home purchase, refinancing an existing mortgage or one that’s secured against your existing equity, they all pose their fair share of challenges these days. So what has caused all of this, does anyone still remember those dreaded two words “credit crunch”

Couple this with Victoria’s cost of living and average home prices, and you can see why would-be new homeowners are having a few sleepless nights! At the end of the day what does all of this mean, simply put it means that if you want to get financed, you need to work with professionals who are creative and can get the job done!

For the first half of 2010, Greater Victoria’s average price for a single family home sat at $635,893.00. That’s right folks over 600K, a princely sum that could buy you several homes all at once in other parts of the country. It’s prices like this that push the envelope of mortgage financing!

Enough with the bad news, here's some good news:

Lenders are still lending, that right there are still lots of lenders out there willing to grant folks mortgages every single day! And guess what, you're bank, you know the one that you've been dealing with for years isn't the only game in town any more. In fact there are a whole host of lenders out there who love the Vancouver Island market and more specifically Victoria, and they have some very flexible and creative programs to help you get a mortgage. So how do you go about finding one of these flexible and creative lenders?

Now for the easy part...

Well - you don't have to search high and low for a lender who "gets" you. All you need to do is fill out our simple loan request (takes 3 minutes, at most) then let one of our participating mortgage professionals work with you to find an aggressive lender who wants your business.

Now if that wasn't good enough, here's what we are going to charge you for forwarding your request on to one of our participating mortgage professionals, ZIP, NADA, ZILCH so go ahead and submit your request today, you've got nothing to lose!

So take a quick moment and submit your request right now.

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